Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food Review : Corner Bar & Restaurant, Bali-Indonesia

Hey guys, back with me A. So, yesterday was Magga's (our friend) 18th birthday party! He celebrated his birthday in Corner Bar & Restaurant, Jalan Padma Utara Ruko No. 1,  Legian-Bali.

 When I arrived, I saw there were so many tourists eating at this place. They were eating with their friends and their families. I waited for them because I didn't want to disturb them by taking pictures while they were enjoying their food. Anyway, Corner Bar's location is not really far from Romeos.

The guy with the black shirt was the birthday boy. Hehe
Tadaaa! The food came when I and my friends were chatting. Umm, something yummy. Before my friends took the food, I and Vava chose to take a picture ASAP before it's too late! There were plenty of food and we couldn't handle our desire to eat those food..
Vava and me with the food.
 I successed taking pictures of the food. As you can see, the food looks so delicious, right? No doubt, there are lots of tourists choose to eat here. And, you know what? Not only Western food are served in Corner Bar, but also Indonesian and Chinese food! We have so many choices here!
Capcay : Vegies and Chicken

Chicken Curry (Kari Ayam)

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Pizza Marinara : Pizza with mushroom, shrimp, meat and mozarella (Pizza's seafood?)

Nasi goreng special Corner Bar (fried rice)
The food were so delicious! I also added some parmesan cheese into my spaghetti. My favorite food are the pizza, spaghetti and Corner Bar's fried rice! But, since I haven't tried all the food on the menu board and the food are all so yummy, I will visit this place again!

Corner Bar's food price.
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