Monday, March 10, 2014

Food Review: Romeos, Ossotel Hotel, Bali-Indonesia

Hey guys, this is V. This is my first food review and my first stop is at Romeos it is part of Ossotel Hotel located in North Padma Rd here in Legian, Bali-Indonesia.

So, I found this place in a magazine called Epicurina Indonesia.
I found this place quite interesting because of the interior. Then I suggest to my friends to visit there together.
And my first impression when I arrived is, comfy and not so hot since this restaurant has no AC.

 We chose to sit in front of the Carpe Diem wall.

We ordered American Pizza recommended by the waiter and we chose Fish & Chips for our side dish.
Sadly, since we weren't that hungry because we've drunk bubble tea, we couldn't try Romeos Mixed Grill, their signature dish.
While we're waiting for the food, i took some pictures and the waiter offered us to take a picture of us together.

Liona, Aprilia, Me and Magga (from back to front)
We felt embarassed and I said to the waiter that I will promote this restaurant.
Then, he went back to the bar station and took some coupons and give it to us. Yey.

Romeos gave us garlic bread for compliment.

And they gave us napkins, unique napkins I've never seen before. I thought it's an ash pot.

Finally our food arrived! The pizza was larger than we've thought.

Their french fries is very tasty and salty, I like their tar tar sauce and the fish is quite good too. The pizza is crunchy and we really can feel the tomatoes.
Overall, I think this place is not bad. It has good interior design, good service, you won't be sweating because there's a large fan, not so crowded and the prices are very affordable. We spent only 180.000rupiah (about 16$) for one large portion of pizza and fish and chips and tea.
No doubt i will visit this place in the future.
I recommended this place to those who likes to hang out with friends and try new places together, and not just the same old place over and over again.
Their overall food price you can see it below

for you who likes alcohol. for non alcoholic the price is still affordable.

Bonus photo: We noticed this candle on our way outside to the parking lot. Unique, right?

            You can visit their website for more infos, location at

           Thanks guys for your attention, I hope this review will help you. ;)

I really looking forward for your critics and comments and don't be afraid to suggest us at for some restaurants here in Bali, Indonesia you wanted us to review.

See you in the next review!

Love, V.


  1. I haven't been there, but the place looks awesome.

    I've followed you back btw. Let's keep in touch!


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