Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty Products Review: Coastal Scents CiTiSCAPE Travel Brush Set

Conquer any look you may envision anywhere, any time, with this ultra stylish travel companion. This seven piece, beautifully-crafted, red, wooden handled brush set comes in a variety of high quality natural and synthetic bristles. - Coastal Scents

Those description I took from Coastal Scents official website. Yeah I had purchased my first Coastal Scents brush set from beautykitshop. This brush set includes 7 brushes and 1 leather brush case.

Let's see what we got from this set:

1. Blender (Natural Goat)
This blender brush made from natural goat's hair. Which gives a not so smooth texture but it doesn't hurt your eyelid 

2. Angled Liner (Synthetic)
This angled liner made from synthetic bristles which are totaly smooth and strong for applying gel or liquid eyeliner. But I don't recommend you to use this as eyebrow's brush because the bristles can't hold the powdery things very well.

3. Bent Liner (Synthetic)
If you're looking for a perfect tiny line eyeliner look this might be the best you should get. Made from synthetic bristles and has an elbow shaped design to easily get into the corner of the eye.
4. Eye Shadow (Natural Pony)
My first impression about this brush is SMOOTH. It does his job perfectly for applying eyeshadow but I don't recommend you using this brush for cream or pencil eyeshadow.

5. Angled Brush (Natural Goat)
It's definetely a multitasking brush. I use it as powder, blush on, and highlighter applicator and It gives me the best finishing look.
6. Detail Round (Natural Pony)
This brush one of my favorite brush from this set I love using this brush for my inner corner 
7. Concealer Brush (Synthetic)
This concelear brush just not really suitable for me. I don't know why it doesn't blend my concealer really well. I still prefer using my fingertips XD

Overall I'm totally in love with this set. Do you have a favorite brush? Tell me more on this comment box below!

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