Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beauty Products Review: theBalm Nude`tude Make Up Palette

Nude`tude allows you to dramatically dress up your eyes -the Balm Cosmetics
A few months ago theBalm made a special 50% off for ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS!!  What a great deal right? Unfortunately I don't have paypal :( which means I can't ordered right on the website. After doing some searching on instagram I found an online shop which is sell U.S.A based make up brand named beauternity I bought this Nude'tude only for 365.000 IDR or 32.07 USD (1.00 USD = 11,382.89 IDR) excluded shipping cost.

Nude'tude comes with 12 colors for eyeshadow with 8 shimmery shades and 4 matte. The shimmers doesn't
look too much when you applied.

A close up look for the palette
It also comes with a dual ended shadow/liner brush. The dissapointed thing about this brush just the small size I hope you're a bigger brush :(

Well, Nude'tude has 2 version as the backdrop

Version 1

Version 2
Don't get confused guys both of them contain the same eyeshadow colors so don't worry. The difference only the backdrop ^^v

Overall as my first the Balm pallete I'm totally well pleased. The colors are pigmented even the shimmery one turn out really well and easy to blend. That's make me want to try out more theBalm's products...

xoxo Liona 



  1. The balm always has a cute girly packaging! Love it<3


    1. I know righttt. A cute package+great quality what we could ask more? ♥

  2. onaaaaa,kamu beli nude tude weewwww ,pengen banget nyoba ini dari dulu
    nice review ona

    1. Iya giee bener2 gak ngecewain banget pallete nya. Warnanya juga cakep2 ♥


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