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Beuty Products Review : Etude House CC Cream - Silky

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Hey guys, how are you doing? Good? It's me Aprilia!
As I promised, in this post I will tell you guys about CC Cream SPF 30/PA++ from Etude House. 

FYI, there are two types of CC Cream :
  • #01 Silky - it's for everyone who has an oily skin.
  • #02 Glow - it's for everyone who has a normal to dry skin.
 Well, since I live in Bali, Indonesia who has a tropical climate, I thought my face tend to be oily (but not really oily). So, I chose to buy The Silky one.

On the front of the box package says : 8in1 Multi Function.
What does it do? (You can read it, but I think it's a little bit hard to read it on my picture, so let me just write it here :

8 in 1
SPF 30/PA++
Stress Relief
Sun Protection
Smooth Texture
FYI again, CC Cream stands for Correct & Care.
My first impression when using this product was, "Wow, the texture is smoothier that BB cream, but why it can't really covered my face?" So, the thing is, CC Cream prefers to be our skin care product when BB Cream prefers to be our makeup basic. I mean yes, you can use CC Cream as your makeup basic but if you have pimples and you want to cover it, you better choose BB Cream because CC Cream doesn't have "Coverage" on it function.
That's why, I always use CC Cream as my daily basic makeup (I use it alone or layered under my foundation to have more coverage on my face). But, I use BB Cream for party or some important events makeup.

Well, it's good to have CC Cream and I can feel the effects of using it. Why? I told you that my face tend to be oily but now I'm not sure about that because my face is not oily again. I have a normal type of skin now. Thanks to CC Cream! Okay, now I'm not sure what type of CC Cream that I should buy for the next. OH NO!!!

I bought CC Cream for IDR 140.000 (it was a promo) or around US$ 14,00

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