Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Food Review : Hakata Ikkousha finally opens in Bali!

KONICHIWA! Happy New Year 2015!
Now I'm in my holiday after exams, and my high school friends who study abroad are on their holidays too, so we set up a little reunion.
The reunion was yesterday and we went to Sushi Tei (Sunset Rd, Bali), but before I went to Sushi Tei, me and my 2 other friends visited Hakata Ikkousha Ramen. They finally opens up in Bali! Their grand opening was at 25th of January and since then Hakata Ikkousha always full and I didn't get a chance to try it cause I don't think I could wait around for about 2 hours or more to get a bowl of ramen (no offense, I've heard many people wait around for a long time for that).

So lets talk about the origin of Hakata Ikkousha before we move to the dishes.
Hakata Ikkousha Ramen was first build 40 years ago in Fukkuoka, Japan. Hakata itself is a village whose famous for its culinary diversity and also one of the most popular places to eat ramen in Fukuoka, Japan.

Hakata Ikkousha in Bali

Hakata Ikkousha located in Jalan Sunset Road 225x blok 4-5, Bali.
We came in and I thought that this place is big, but instead this place is small and no wonder people wait for a long time, cause they didn't have enough tables and seats. The interior looks nice and so Japanese. The waiter and waitresses welcome us with a song, but I don't quite follow what are they singing though.
and this is what we ordered...

We will have reunion at Sushi Tei with other friends and we didn't want to get full by ourself so we only ordered one ramen (we've been curios about this Hakata since FOREVER).
We had this really really thick broth with 3 slices of pork and boiled egg, called Silver Pork Ramen. I can't really describe what the taste like, personally I'm not a really big fan of thick broth with noodles. but on the good side, the broth really tasty and the noodles really chewy and soft. Don't worry if you like hot & spicy food, they gave you fried garlic with spicy oil, dry chili and spicy sauce to accompany your ramen. you can have Silver Pork Ramen for 69k//5.75USD (convert from indonesian rupiah to usd).

Silver Pork Ramen

and there's this special offer, when you ordered selected ramen (Silver Ramen included), you can have Mini Chasu Don (pork) for 15k//1.25USD! I really really love this dish, it feels soooo homey and just like what your mama might cook for you at home. This 1.25USD dish is worth it, lots of pork and yeah you will get full even if you don't eat the ramen (but I can't guarantee you won't be hungry for the next 2 hours).

Mini Chasu Don (pork)
for the drinks, we choose the refillable, Ocha. It costs 33k//1USD for 3 glasses of ocha.

You guys who haven't try this Hakata Ikkousha Ramen, you should try it. My advice : don't go at dinner time or you might have to wait in the parking lot to get a seat and a ramen.
more info at
Hakata Ikkousha Bali - call (0361) 8947019

love, V

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