Wednesday, March 16, 2016

[DIY] Super Easy Do-It-Yourself Table/Desk Calendar

Hello, I know it's kinda late but HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!
I should've done this before 2016, but this idea just crossed my mind a few days ago.
Most people need a table calendar. Even if we didn't really use it continuosly like a phone, we still need it, right?
And like most people, I tend to get that calendar from a bank, or company or maybe an event who gives free merchandise and includes calendar in it.
But this year, I didn't get any. >:(
It's the third month of the year already, but I still want to have a table calendar.
So, I make this DIY for everyone who has the same situation like mine or just want to have their own table/desk calendar.

You need :

- a printable calendar (you can find it online or you can make it by yourself. I use the online one from a website called *link below*)
- origami papers/patterned papers/gift wrap.
- a plywood. (size adjustable, I use 20cmx25cm, depth 3mm)
- a glue/double tape.
- a binder clip.

STEP 1 : Cover your plywood with origami papers. Glued the papers and stick it to the plywood.

 Put origami paper above the other origami paper, and so on to make a beautiful abstract look.

STEP 2 : Clip your printable calendar with your plywood.

TADAAAA it will definitely make your table more beautiful and of course you can do whatever you want with the plywood and how you want it with the calendar. SUGGESTIONS: make a hole in your plywood and calendar, and ties them together with colorful ribbons, or use a color binder clip instead of the black one.
Hang it on the wall in front of your table, or you could just lay it in on the wall.

I hope you get inspired and starting to make your own D-I-Y, cause you know creativity is contagius, so pass it on!




And I found another cute free calendar, which you can use year after year.

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