Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beauty Products Review : The Saem Saemmul Tint Jelly Pink

*Sorry for the dust* - Picture raken with flash
Hey, it's been a while..I'm Aprilia, and right now I'm fulfilling my promise to review this product. So, let's check it out!!

Up - without flash . Down - with flash
I really like this product since this Tint really easy to use and gives a natural look to my lips. Your lips won't dry eventhough there's so many other cheapy bad-quality tint products out there that can make our lips dry and even gets darker after we use it. So, I really recommend this product if you still want your healthy with cute natural color on your lips.

This tint also wear-ressistant, so eventhough you eat or drink something, the color from the tint won't easily disappear on your lips.

Taken with 2 different kind of flash

Without flash
The Saem Saemmul Tint Jelly Pink also has a really good smell and the taste a lil bit sweet. So, don't worry. But, don't use this tint to much, because the more you use it in one time, it will be harder to remove the color on your lips. And, don't ever use this product when your lips cracked, it won't look good..

Last but not least, just want to tell you that I really love the package, so cute and nice!! This tint product not really expensive and worth to buy. The price is only IDR 75.000 or around $7.5

Well, I think that's all from me, since I'm already tired. If you have any question, just email us. Don't forget to leave your comment!! Wait for another update soon, ya!!
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  1. ahhhh ini yang dipake IU aduhhh pengen beli jadinya
    nice review cintaahhhh :*

    1. ya dipake sama IU, kan dia jadi modelnya.. >< bagus kok Ngie :*


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