Saturday, August 29, 2015

Clozetters Meet Up with Jennifer Bachdim

On August, 21 I got invited to one of Clozette's annual event which is Clozetters Meet Up.
It took place in Decanter, Kuningan. Mr. Iman Pulungan (one of The Body Shop Indonesia's make up artist) together with Jennifer Bachdim and Tia as the MC spoke about beauty related. Later on Mr. Iman showed us How to create a "brilliant" make up base using one of The Body Shop new comer, Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation. This new foundation comes with 2 different shade as one compact foundation. You can use the darker shade as your regular foundation and the lighter as highlighter or you can mix them up and apply to all-over your face giving your face more glowing effect.

Jenn also shared about her personal beauty secret. She believes in power of cleansing. Regularly she will wash her face twice a day, in the morning and before she goes to bed.
Actually during the event The Body Shop introduced two products. Besides the Moisture White Bright Compact Foundation, they have Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum. It helps you with reducing your dark spots, moisturising your skin, and make your face appears more translucent. Watch this video to learn more about this product

Thank you Clozette and The Body Shop Indonesia for having me. That was beautiful and everything just perfectly organized.
xx, L

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